So what are those fifty things?

IMG_4540In the days before Christmas 2015 I rationalised my wardrobe significantly by singling out pretty much all of the items that were not 100% natural fibres.  As someone who has always championed natural fibres for their higher comfort factor, I was surprised by how many items had crept into my cupboards that were  not in this category.  Particularly I notice women’s trousers and suits are often made out fabrics designated ‘European fabric’ with no actual detail of the components.

Then between Christmas and January 1 2016 I selected the items which now comprise my wardrobe for the twelve months from January to December 2016. As you will see from the list below I have allowed myself a couple of cheats. However, choosing the fifty items was quite a challenge and lots of personal favourites couldn’t be included, mostly because they were not generic enough. I am interested to see if I have included a workable balance across the seasons. Although Brisbane is not known for its violently cold winters.

I thought in the first month I might decide I needed to swap something out but I have not changed anything. So here goes with the big reveal, from the bottom up.

Socks and pantyhose/tights 7 items : two pairs of sock-style sheers: one black, one withLef coverings a decorative band at the top, purchased from Chedraui, a Mexico supermarket in Merida, in 2005, a pair of green flouro cotton socks with Turkish lucky eyes, one pair sheer pantyhose, one pair pink and one pair black and white patterned tights, and one pair of handpainted heart tights purchased at Craft Victoria eons ago (more than fifteen years ago).

IMG_4335 copy

Shoes: 7 pairs (each pair=one item):
red flats (Pas de Rouge; 2yr old); purple suede laceup wedge-heeled pumps (Donna Soft; 18mth old);  deep brown ankle length leather boots (Jose Saenz; 3yr old);  black patent leather ankle boots (Paul Green; 6yr old);  black patent mock-croc pumps (Hoegli; 4 yr old);exercise/active footwear, blue and grey all-purpose  (ECCO; 2yr old) flat black velcro fastening sandals (Munro; 3yr old)

              Pants and shorts/trousers 5 itemsIMG_4327 copyIMG_4316 copy

David Lawrence black jeans; Gap grey basic pants; Ted Smith black Merino pants; Olive green linen long shorts Giordano; black twill Esprit pedal pushers. All purchased second hand.


Skirt & Dresses 3 items IMG_4329 copyIMG_4325 copy

Skirt (at right) made by Ashley Shroeder Tailors Brisbane circa 2000 – Merino wool.

Beige linen Simona Sport shirtfront dress purchased new 2 summers ago; Cotton shift made by me 2 years ago from David Whitehead fabric purchased in Zambia in late 1980s.


IMG_4312 copyT-shirts 3 items: 

black&white striped top handed down by daughter; blue paisley purchased second hand;white tee with coloured hand print a new gift.



IMG_4324 copyShort-sleeved tops 3 items: 

second hand black&white cotton top; navy silk tank made by me; cream silk Lisa Ho top with beading purchased second hand



Long-sleeved tops 6 items:IMG_4339

Gorman black cotton top with embroidered neckline; orange/white linen pin stripe shirt; black and white floral cotton shirt with colourful lining on cuffs and neck what2ware; multicoloured long-sleeved cotton animal print shirt what2ware; orange Merino David Lawrence long-sleeved t-shirt; black lightweight denim country style shirt with cottonknit hoo. (The first two and the last of these purchased second hand).

Jackets 3 items:IMG_4320 copy

Merino wool cardigan purchased new in 2015; Grey cotton jacket with wool felt flowers added after purchase; Wool/silk mix Paul Smith jacket purchased new in 2008



IMG_4344 copyCoats 3 items:

Black leather Ryder cotton lined peplum jacket with sheepskin collar purchased 2011; blue and orange heavy woven cotton ‘ethnic’ jacket purchased secondhand 2015; grey floral reversible silk evening jacket purchased Panda Pearls Brisbane 2015.



IMG_4301Necessities: underwear, pyjamas etc 9 itemsIMG_4331 copy

3 undies; 2 bras; 2 singlets (grey one pictured at top of page); 1 set pyjamas (counted as one item) one sarong; all purchased new.



OTHIMG_4332 copyER 1 item

Active wear counted as one item: t shirt, beige linen shorts, blue socks, grey cotton hoodie, mustard floral longsleeved top. Hoodie, longsleeved top and shorts were secondhand.

Not included in my count are swimmers, rain jacket & thongs.

That’s my list: what would you add; what would you get rid of?  

What would be in your fifty items?






2 thoughts on “So what are those fifty things?

  1. I do like the idea of a bring and buy sale, and that could be for both used and new unworn clothing.Of course there are some people who just couldn’t imagine themselves wearing clothes someone else has worn before them, as we see on the BBC program, ‘This Old Thing’. I find it interesting to ponder what the purchase of clothes one then never wears tells us about people’s buying behaviour. One thing it tells us is that those people have too much money.


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