So what are those fifty things?

IMG_4540In the days before Christmas 2015 I rationalised my wardrobe significantly by singling out pretty much all of the items that were not 100% natural fibres.  As someone who has always championed natural fibres for their higher comfort factor, I was surprised by how many items had crept into my cupboards that were  not in this category.  Particularly I notice women’s trousers and suits are often made out fabrics designated ‘European fabric’ with no actual detail of the components.

Then between Christmas and January 1 2016 I selected the items which now comprise my wardrobe for the twelve months from January to December 2016. As you will see from the list below I have allowed myself a couple of cheats. However, choosing the fifty items was quite a challenge Continue reading “So what are those fifty things?”

Second-hand ethics

IMG_3965What are the ethical questions around second hand clothes? When recently I culled my wardrobe of unnatural textiles, shedding everything not 100% cotton, pure wool, linen or silk, some said I was being wasteful and challenged my ‘dumping’ unwanted things.

Those comments made me ask was it acceptable for me to pass on my unwanted items of clothing to others? Was I merely indulging a personal whim? ‘First–world’ whirled in my head. As I grew up surrounded by values reflecting frugality, this caused me to stop and think. Am I wasteful?IMG_3970

Having made my decision to go the natural fibre route, these clothes would just have been clogging up my cupboard, surely far better for them to be donated, then sold to benefit a charity. Could they become new treasures for someone else, my decision actually creating an opportunity for someone to get themselves a bargain pair of hardly worn Cue work pants, or a fabulous vintage Betty Barclay jacket, a favourite of mine for over 20 years? Continue reading “Second-hand ethics”