So what are those fifty things?

IMG_4540In the days before Christmas 2015 I rationalised my wardrobe significantly by singling out pretty much all of the items that were not 100% natural fibres.  As someone who has always championed natural fibres for their higher comfort factor, I was surprised by how many items had crept into my cupboards that were  not in this category.  Particularly I notice women’s trousers and suits are often made out fabrics designated ‘European fabric’ with no actual detail of the components.

Then between Christmas and January 1 2016 I selected the items which now comprise my wardrobe for the twelve months from January to December 2016. As you will see from the list below I have allowed myself a couple of cheats. However, choosing the fifty items was quite a challenge Continue reading “So what are those fifty things?”

fiftythings2016: the beginning


What do your clothes say about you, about what you care about, or perhaps about what you don’t care so much about?

I’m not sure I can claim to be passionate about clothing, but I have always loved textiles. I grew up in a family where, until I learned to make my own, and later had money to buy my own, all my clothes – including undies & school uniforms, but not singlets, swimmers, socks and shoes – were made by my mother. So I was strongly aware of what my clothes told the world about me.

I have always preferred natural fibres because of how they feel but in the last ten years or so there seems to be more and more conversations in different spheres about sustainability. This has made me think about the planetary costs of things, the personal and social burden of our consumeristic way of life and has made me consider more deeply the costs of the choices we make about various aspects of how we live: what we eat, how we live, and what we wear. Continue reading “fiftythings2016: the beginning”